21 May 2018

Emotional Intelligence

At AISA, the development of emotional intelligence plays an important role in our curriculum. We are aware that all human beings need to be able to relate, live, and in the same way, express their feelings and emotions. From the moment we are born until the last day of our existence, consciously or not, we are expressing to others how we feel, and those feelings are indistinctively positive or negative. When these feelings are positive, our closest fellow beings empathise with what we are feeling; celebrating and congratulating us if necessary. When these feelings are negative, they will most likely try to help and solve whatever is wrong.These natural reactions such as feeling proud of someone, having a good self-concept, being motivated to achieve life goals, or facing the misfortunes that life poses, are also skills that can be developed and nurtured. We believe in working on emotional intelligence from an early age and it is as important in our classrooms as it is at home.

Elisa Pena, PY1 Teacher