Early Years 3

At Amity International School Amsterdam students will learn and inquire about the world around them through an inquiry and play-based curriculum.


In Early Years 3, children will explore how our choices help us to build relationships and they will investigate their own unique characters. Later in the year they will enjoy experimenting with art media and materials as a way of creative expression, as well as, learning how to take care of living things such as plants and animals. Learning experiences are delivered in a way that provokes interest and curiosity in a meaningful, multi-sensory and interactive environment.

Our programme promotes the exploration of global and local issues through relevant and engaging inquiry. Our curriculum integrates learning in language, mathematics, science, ICT, social studies and the arts, as well as developing personal, social and physical education. At AISA we encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning and we challenge them to become active world citizens. The whole school community are actively involved in creating a holistic learning environment.


  • Early Years 3 Programme is for students who are 5 years old on 31st August of the previous academic year.


The annual school fee is €12800 per year. Students enrolled for the current academic year or 2018 /19 academic year, will be eligible for the Amity founders bursary of €3000 per student. The annual school fee with bursary is €9800 per year.

* Capital Fee includes IPad / Macbook, Field Trips and Maintenance


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