About Amity

Established more than twenty years ago, the Amity Education Group is a leading non-profit education group today, offering globally benchmarked education. With over 125,000 students worldwide, Amity’s fast expanding network of globally benchmarked institutions has resulted in campuses across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, India, Singapore, New York, California, Mauritius, China and Romania with further plans of establishing campuses in 25 countries.

Amity’s focus on path-breaking innovations in science and technology, state of the art infrastructure and record job offers have directly resulted in Amity institutes emerging among the most sought after education destinations globally.

At Amity International School we educate students in a manner that will equip them with the skills necessary to solve problems of the future that currently do not exist, using tools that have not yet been created. Successful students will need resilience, exceptional critical thinking & problem solving skills, as well as the confidence to question and reflect.

At Amity International School Amsterdam, we work towards developing these qualities by placing students at the centre of learning and putting their learning into context by creating authentic learning situations that are relevant to them.

We believe children are skilful communicators and creative problem solvers by nature and that we should be nurturing these qualities to help them become successful contributors to society.

We foster curiosity and encourage questions; we place emphasis on creativity, collaboration and problem solving.

We embrace our own cultures and the cultural diversity that exists in the world; learn from these and develop into open-minded, global citizens that can make a difference.

Our school is housed in a spectacular building, which has been refitted to the highest standards and provides students with a learning environment seldom matched. Parks and forests surround the glass building which is flooded with natural light and brings the outdoors into the learning spaces.

Amity International School Amsterdam will be the hub of the community and we look forward to welcoming you to our family.


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